Fertiliser companies get Rs 4,000 crore more in bonds

December has been a good month for fertiliser companies. Earlier this month, the government had issued 7% bonds worth Rs 10,000 crore to 23 companies. Now the government has released another tranche of 6.2% bonds worth Rs 4,000 crore to 16 companies. These bonds are not eligible to be kept with banks as SLR but can be bought by insurance companies, in the ‘other approved securities’ list and as special bonds by PF/Gratuity/Superannuation funds.

Moreover, they can also be eligible for repo transactions. The fertiliser companies will offload these bonds to these institutions because they will need the cash. The top five companies have got more than 90% of the amount. Here are the top ten companies and the amount of bonds issued to them. These companies can use the repo window to get funds from the RBI.

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