Monsoon turns weak again

Even as the government talks about a recovery in the kharif sowing pattern, the monsoon is moving in a volatile fashion. Last week (July 23-July 29), the actual rainfall was 18% less than the average seen in this period. In the previous week, actual rainfall was 15% higher.

The monsoon shifted northwards last week, leading to higher rainfall in Northwest India but depriving coastal states, particularly in the southern part of the country. The entire stretch from the south –states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka extending East up to Jharkhand, either got scanty or deficient rainfall.

If we consider the figures for the season so far, there is hope. The South and the Northeast are regions with large dabs of red on the map, indicating deficient rainfall. But several regions are showing green or normal rainfall. Of the 36 sub-divisions, in the season so far, 17 divisions have normal/scanty rainfall and the rest have normal or excess rainfall. Last week’s rains dented hopes of a better recovery, as 19 divisions recorded deficient/scanty rainfall compared to 16 in the previous week.

The current press release will be available on the IMD website till August 7, when the next release will be issued.

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