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UPA pulls the reforms rabbit out of its hat

Was it the harsh criticism of the government, especially the Prime Minister, in international circles that did the trick, or did the government just muster the courage required to the bite the reform bullet? The answer is unclear and perhaps the real story will be told in the coming weeks and even months.


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IRB Infrastructure to develop Sindhudurg Airport

IRB Toll Plaza, source: Infrastructure Developer’s bid for the Sindhudurg Airport has been accepted. The Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC), the special planning authority for the project, has selected it, said the company in a release to the BSE. The airport operator will have to design, build and operate the airport. Continue Reading →

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Airlines on strike: no flights on August 18

The opponents of free markets must be cheering. “We told you so.” Don’t hand over the skies to private players. Don’t destroy the monopoly that Indian Airlines enjoyed in domestic markets. So what if their fares were high, so what if their service oscillated between the pathetic to the barely tolerable and you were at their mercy, if your flight got cancelled.

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