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Reliance Industries’ higher output offset by lower margins in the December 2009 quarter

Reliance Industries results were largely in line with expectations. The petroleum major’s sales rose by 93% to Rs 58,848 crore in the December quarter, compared to the same period last year. Its net profit, however, rose by a more modest 16% to Rs 4,008 crore. There were a few reasons for the significantly higher growth in sales. The December 2008 quarter was a relatively bad one and RIL’s sales had fallen by 9%. Its refinery at Jamnagar had been commissioned in December 2008 and would have operated at much lower capacity, than in the current fiscal. Continue Reading →

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Reliance’s refining business drags down profits

Reliance Industries chose to focus on margins rather than improve volumes during the June 2009 quarter. Its performance was affected by a mix of factors. Export volumes dipped during a period when the rupee depreciated, which would have normally added extra rupees to RIL’s bottom line. The Jamnagar refinery voluntarily gave up its export oriented tax status as it wanted to focus on the domestic market. Gas production from its KG basin started, contributing to sales and profits, but also upped its depreciation outgo. Continue Reading →

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